While many outside the industry may assume that real estate has been hit hard by the pandemic, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The market continues to remain strong and steady, with demand for housing to outpace available inventory. So, if you’ve been on the fence about selling your home, now is an excellent time to sell. Here are a few tips for selling amid a pandemic.

Time to DIY

If you have a handful of quick DIY home projects you’ve been meaning to tackle, now is the time to do them. Even simple tasks such as painting a room can make a big impression on buyers, and they’ll often help raise your bottom line. Tick those projects off your list so you can start packing in advance of your eventual home sale.

Supply and demand fuel the market

Leading real estate referral company, HomeLight, conducted a third-quarter survey of more than 1,000 top real estate agents across the country to get a feel for market conditions. Interestingly, 92 percent of agents responded that it’s currently a seller’s market, and 87 percent of agents reported that supply was scarce. The best news for sellers? Ninety-nine percent of agents said home prices are on the rise or remaining steady in their markets, while 46 percent of agents predicted home prices would continue to rise over the next six months. Expert opinion says it’s an incredible time to sell!

Get your home photo-ready

Now that you’ve decided to list your home, it’s time to get your place picture-perfect. While you would take care of cleaning and organizing in normal circumstances, the pandemic has made home selling an increasingly virtual activity. This means that you can expect to have a significant number of photos taken of your home – inside and out – and video tours are now standard. Agents are now providing as many visuals as they can up front to market your house well and narrow down the pool to highly motivated buyers. This helps keep in-person home tours to an absolute minimum.

Maintain curb appeal

As we head into winter, leaf cleanup is critical to your home-selling plan. You want your yard to look maintained, which you can’t accomplish with leaf debris strewn about and clogging your gutters. While it’s essential to keep your home spotless and organized inside for showings, your home’s exterior is what makes the first impression, whether it be potential buyers driving by or agents starting a virtual tour outside. 

Get ready to go virtual

Not only are agents providing a ton of additional visual information for prospective buyers in listings, but they’re upping their virtual game in other ways. Open houses are still important events for getting traffic through your home. But instead of a bunch of strangers traipsing through your place, your agent will be conducting a virtual open house via video conferencing. Much like traditional open houses, agents set a set start time and instead take video tours for prospective buyers online. Agents will typically field questions as they go and can provide custom close-ups of areas of interest. 

Prep your home for showings

Set pandemic expectations with your agent before they begin showing your home. If you require visitors to sanitize their hands upon entering your home, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer readily available. You can also help cut down on the areas being touched by turning all of the lights on in your home in advance of a showing. Open cabinet and closet doors, raise blinds, and open curtains to give potential buyers ample views without them having to touch these areas for an ideal vantage.

Now is an excellent time to sell your home! Having a plan in place before listing and then showing will help your home sell quickly while keeping you and your family safe. Happy selling!