Our team is committed to adapting to the growing concerns of COVID-19 and how it is affecting the real estate market. We have made changes to our listings and home showing models to better accommodate our concerned clients.

Home Buying During COVID-19

We pride ourselves with our ability to always be in touch with factors that may affect the real estate market that are out of our control. As a buyer, we can arrange to send you a video tour of the home(s) you are considering to purchase or arrange a private viewing for you with the understanding there will be some pre-qualifying questions asked regarding recent travel and potential symptoms of illness. we advise all buyers to wear protective gloves and mask during home viewings and to avoid touching household items and surfaces during viewings.

Home Selling During COVID-19

If you are a seller and are comfortable showing your home, we recommend staying pro-active by wiping down all surface areas. We will be asking additional pre-qualifying questions of potential buyers regarding their recent travel and any symptoms they may be currently or previously experiencing. Potential buyers stating or showing any potential symptoms will be kindly asked to postpone their viewing.